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Evernote migration problems

Adamoff 3 years ago in Nimbus Note - Windows OS • updated by vsakharevych 3 months ago 15

I tried Evernote migration but faced some problems:

1. I have Evernote data 1400Mb - it means synchronization will takes 14months at free account with 100Mb monthly limit !

2. My Evernote tags wasn't imported to Nimbus !

3. Some Evernote attachment wasn't imported to Nimbus !

I am also having a lot of issues importing from Evernote. I don't see the data quota as an issue. At the very least, I can pay $5 for the first month in order to get all my data over if the application would actually import all of my notes.

My Evernote data is only ~500MB but I'm having two problems with the import function:

1: Just like your second item: tags are not imported if you import from an .enex file.

2: If you point to the entire Evernote database (exb) tags are imported but it constantly fails to import all of my notes. It will always just give up when it gets close to finishing leaving me with around a hundred or so missing notes every time I try. It never gives me an error, it just acts like it's done even though it clearly isn't.

as for your third point, are you sure the attachments aren't importing? I've noticed that the icon for the attachment will be a X icon like the old days when an image failed to load, but if you click it, the attachment is actually there.

With the changes evernote has recently made I imagine a lot of people are going to be looking for alternatives, like myself. If migrating over is such a difficult process though, I will end up simply paying the higher price that Evernote is wanting to charge. This app is the first (aside from 1n) that actually somewhat manages to sorta kinda maybe import some notes from evernote, everything else I've tried so far has failed miserably to do anything useful. So props to you devs on what you've done so far.

I'll upload a sample enex file with lots of formatting, tags and metadata if a dev wants it to test.


Under review


We will fix this problem very soon (1-2 days)

Well, that was 7 months ago and it doesn't seem to be fixed. I started moving everything over this morning. It's been "syncing" for hours, but the number of notes has not changed. And the amount of data used has not changed.


We fixed many problem with import and sync from EN. Do you see changes here - https://nimbus.everhelper.me/client/ ?

got about 500mb of notes from evernote too which i imported on my nimbus app. how come the attachment names are not all guid-like instead of the proper names it had?


How did you import? From ENEX or EXB?


file>import>evernote>browse to enex file.

You should have used EXB ( Enex has some problem with attachments (we can't recognize some type of attachments).

cool. will do that.

thanks, that did it.


How do you export to EXB?
I cant seem to do that in EN 6,5,4,470 (Windows)

Only ENEX is allowed as export

I also get GUID's instead of real names I discover now when importing...



EXB is database file It isn't import format. You can find folder with this file in Options - http://nimb.ws/aHkyTS

Thanks a lot!
Will try that option!


My current Evernote notes volume exceeds 100 Mb.

While installing the app I was given the information that I can receive 1 month free service.

How could I receive it?