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Cutting and moving parts of the screen shot like in MS Paint.

Cliche 3 years ago in Nimbus Capture - FireFox • updated 3 years ago 8

Cutting and moving parts of the screen. I use this a lot for design screen shots and this feature would be awesome for creating quick layouts, etc. This feature is also in paint.

Under review


Do yo mean Lasso tool in Paint?


Hello and thanks for responding so quickly. Not the lasso tool but in paint, you can just drag your mouse around any object (selection shapes--rectangular and free-form) which selects it and then move it around anywhere on the convas or copy and paste it. If nimbus had this feature I'd pay to have it because you would simplify my work greatly!!!! Do you think it's possible?

yes exactly but the first time you made a rectangle around the time, you could've just dragged it anywhere on the screen too. Looks like you copied and pasted but yes that is what I'm referring too. I do a lot of redesigns so when I take a screen shot, I like to rearrange elements to show the new layout, etc. I can only do this in paint but nimbus comes so close to doing everything I need but that part. I end up having to copy to clipboard and paste into paint. Thanks again for the quick reply. Here's an example of how I'd use it or what I'd make. so I'd be able to for example move the up/down thumbs and then add text to say, move here.

So, do you copy or cut selected element? Because if you want to copy and move to a new location, you don't need old one to be on the image?

Honestly, I usually just move the elements around. Otherwise if I don't want an element, I"ll just select it and delete. I do use copy though to save time. Let's say I'm creating a layout and I need to show a several parallax sections. I'll copy and paste the section where I need it. That brings up another feature that I love about paint is that at the very bottom you can drag the canvas down so that you can make your canvas bigger. This allows me to build entire pages just from screen shots.

Ok Thanks you. I will move it to our dev. team for the consideration.

thank you very much. I think it's a feature that everyone would love. After all, we are taking screens a lot of the time for editing purposes. Thanks.