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Central To-Do List with summary of all tasks

Evan Bibbee 3 years ago in Nimbus Note - Windows OS • updated by nimbusweb 3 years ago 1

It would be great of all to-dos from various notes could be collected on one central to do list with, for example, the note title as a divider for different groups of tasks. For example:

Bachelor Party

- Buy Beer

- Reserve room

- Send invitations

Job Search

- Send CVs

- Call prospective employers

Often, I attach to-dos to a list, but don't necessarily remember that they are there. While this is visually indicated in the snippet view, there is no way to know if one just uses the caption view option. Also, if a particular folder has hundreds of notes in it, it would be cumbersome to scroll all the way through to identify which notes have to-dos and which don't.

If it is not possible to create a central page, it would be nice if there was at least a search key that could be used to identify all the notes with to-dos attached.


Under review


1) Ok, added to to-do.

2) You can use sort by to-do now for view notes with tasks too..