Speed dial personal settings/layout are not saved with Firefox Developer Edition.

Donald L Wilson 3 months ago updated by nimbusweb 3 months ago 7

Anytime I have to reboot after I log back in my personal settings/layout

is always saved on my Chromium and Chrome Browsers but with my Firefox Developer

Edition 73.0b5 (64-bit) when I log in I have to completely rebuild my

layouts from scratch with the FVD Speed Dial app? Using FVD Synchronizer makes this easier but why

am I having to do this process every time I reboot? Does it have

something to do with Firefox? This has never been an issue with Chrome

or Chromium. Which is why I have a suspicion that it's a Firefox issue. I'm running Arch Linux version 5.4.12.

Other then the Firefox issue, this is hands down the best extension I've ever used, which has been for the past 6 years now.


I have 73 version and it works fine. Did you change any Privacy Firefox settings?

The only setting I change are making chrome my official search engine and getting rid of some of the recommended by pocket etc... privacy settings are set at standard. It's just odd that I can do a complete shutdown reboot or whatever and as soon as I log back into my system then open Google Chrome or Chromium and log into my google account, the homepage is exactly what it was when I last logged out.

when I do the same thing with Firefox, as soon as I log in it will open the windows to my last pass app I use than the everhelper website (https://everhelper.me/client/) the fvd speed dial screen opens like it's the first time I'm doing this. Then I have to manually login download or sync my bookmarks and speed dials all over again.

If I logout of the Firefox browser and don't  do a restart or shutdown of my system and then decide to log back into Firefox then and only then are my setting saved. Everything is just like it was when I last logged out.

Not sure why Chrome and Chromium works right and not Firefox?


Which settings are reset? You have in mind the application settings or the dials themselves too?

After I log into Firefox it is as if I am doing it for the first time.

Luckily for me I use the fvd synchronizer extension. I log in to the FVD Synchronizer then do a restore of both the speed dials and my bookmarks. Then I have to go to the settings and change to the 3d wall and reload my background wallpaper change the size of the speed dials and the amount of rows etc.. all back to the way I like for it to look. I have done it so many times it takes me about 2 minutes to do all of that after logging in. The longest wait time is waiting for the speed dials to sync. I have 267 bookmarks and 152 dials.  

I'm thinking or it seems to me that this has something to do with Firefox and not on y'alls end do to the fact that it works just fine with Google Chrome and Chromium...

I have no problem doing that I'm on my way out now, will be back in about 2 hours and the I will setup the tar.gz file and contact you back through here or what?

Yes, you can write to team@nimbusweb.co