What New Features and Options are scheduled for Speed Dial for the Chrome Browser ?

Ponderosa 3 weeks ago updated 3 weeks ago 0

Hello FVDMedia Team,

There has been a multitude of New Feature and Option requests by the Users of Speed Dial for the Chrome browser.

I would like to know what New Features and Options are scheduled for Speed Dial and the Chrome Browser in the Very Near Future?

Please list them in your intended order of development and tentative release dates.

P.S. - This Speed Dial Extension is a Real Plus for myself and so many users.  It allows me and others to organize our websites in Groups which is a real help.  But as you already know, there are many user requests that would TRUELY Enhance this Extension.  I am sure that if you listed your New Feature and Option Intentions as I requested, it might calm the users knowing that they are in Development and on the way with a tentative time frame.

I am currently using Chrome Version 79.0.3945.88 (Official Build) (64-bit) on my MacBook Pro running High Sierra version 10.13.6.

Please advise,

Thank you,