FVD Downloader Module 1.0.8 Not detected

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FireFox had automatically disabled Flash Video Downloader 16.3.8.

Found version 6.3.11 available - when using it for any videos that indicated "Convert" shows FVD Downloader Module needed installing - even though the module was already installed (I have also uninstalled and re-installed the module to be sure). 

But any "Convert" video continues to indicate the FVD Downloader Module was required, So the "Convert" download is no longer working despite the installation of the FVD Downloader Module (1.0.8)


while searching FVD downloader, it is saying:

Oops! We can’t find that page

If you’ve followed a link from another site for an extension or theme, that item is no longer available. This could be because:

  • The developer removed it. Developers commonly do this because they no longer support the extension or theme, or have replaced it.
  • Mozilla removed it. This can happen when issues are found during the review of the extension or theme, or the extension or theme has been abusing the terms and conditions for addons.mozilla.org. The developer has the opportunity to resolve the issues and make the add-on available again

Please suggest the remedy.


I just found FVD not working on 16.2.9 and tried downgrading to the previous version and started seeing somthing showing up when it wasn't before.I also tried downloading the video and it appears to be downloading as a single file.

i have the same problem, running FVD v6.3.11.

A sample website I am trying to use FVD on is:


No matter how many times I uninstall/install the Download Module I still have CONVERT buttons.

Running Firefox v67.0 on Win10-Home.

I am having the same issue!!!! This is the best down loader i have ever used! Please help!!!!


The same problem!


I don't know exactly when, but after install (install, no update) latest Firefox (ver. 67),

I found "FVD" didn't work anymore (I repeat that I don't know exactly when, because

I use FVD from time in time)

When I'm going to download videos (not all, only "dash" streaming videos), appears

message saying "You need to download video converter ... If you already installed it,

restart the browser", but (obviously) FVD module is already installed. 

I have tried everything..! I have uninstalled FireFox and FVD Downloader Module many

times, and Installed them again, and the same result. I have tried installing older

versions of FireFox, and the same thing. 

Effectively, FVD version 6.3.11 is the only that can be now installed, and it doesn't

work properly.

I have read that (it seems) if you overwrite the FVD files version 6.3.11 with files of

modern version 16.2.9 (something like a "hand installation") one can retrieve the

FVD working version... I think that's possible, because in other computer I have

FireFox v.67 and FVD working as always..!!

I'm gonna try it...



Where I can find the files of the 16.2.9? 

I can't find this version anymore on the firefox extensions... 


Firefox BANNED this app and its authors, because they pushed a new XPI without mozilla saying the app is clean.

This is the Bugzilla site where they pushed the hard ban of this app: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1549444

I have to download lots of other apps to see if they work the same, and most do not. Local code can only do so much.

If you REALLY want to use this, you will need to download Firefox version 51.0.1, and keep it there. I just did this and it works, despite the warning telling me the version is old. FF52 uses the "hard block" system that shut down a lot of legacy FF addons.

Stay in touch with them here: http://fvdmedia.com/fvd-welcome-ff/

Well I found the XPI version FVD 16.2.9, and I installed on my firefox manually and it's working here, on the lastest Firefox.

It's working fine now.

I'd like to know where you found that 16.2.9 version of FVD.  


Hey Norm

I found on this link here:


This link was on the Firefox (bugzilla) site here:


Use the version 16.9.2, and don't use the 16.3.8



I cant get the link to open up once it open in google drive........

If someone searches for "FVD" from the "Addons" page of the "FireFox" browser itself,
will only find version 6.3.14, effectively (  https://addons.mozilla.org/es/firefox/addon/flash-videodownloader/  )
Version 16.2.9 has disappeared.

I have downloaded the XPI from the google link supplied by "Guilherme88":


and when I try to install version 16.2.9, most of the time I get an error message saying that the file is damaged, and the Addon can't be installed. 

When I try to install version 16.3.8, I get a message saying that the Addon is dangerous and have been disabled (or something like that)

Then I found in other computer the XPI for version 16.2.7 (if someone wants to download:



And I could install it properly.  


I'm not sure how I got it, but after that, finally I managed to install version 16.2.9, but after many attempts. 

The thing is, finally version 16.2.9 is working.

One detail: before doing all this, I deactivated the automatic updates of the addons (and still is disabled)

And I have windows 7, 32 bits, with Firefox 67.0.2; but when I installed succesfully the FVD 16.2.9, I had Firefox 67.0, and it was working. I updated to Firefox 67.0.2., and is working too.


If some wants to download:

FVD_16-2-7.zip https://cnubis.com/Ycy
FVD_16-2-9.rar https://cnubis.com/Ycz
FVD_16-3-8.rar https://cnubis.com/1Oeo


(P.S.: Now I think that if someone is having problems, maybe could start installing version 6.3.14 from the Mozilla page, after that upgrading to version 16.2.X (I guess...)


Awesome!!!! that worked!!!!

Thank you!


The google link is not mine.

This link of the files with both versions was created by the user who reported the files to Mozilla, in the Bugzilla site, which is even with comments from members of the Mozilla team.

He downloaded the XPI files and evaluated the codes, finding it strange some changes in version 16.3.8, and posted the two versions in that google drive link to give the mozilla staff evaluate.

So I downloaded the ZIP with the 2 XPI files, and manually installed it in my firefox, where no problem or error occurred.

BUT I installed version 16.2.9 and NOT the 16.3.8 that the same user had reported problems.


I know, I know the link is from Bugzilla / Mozilla site; I meant I used it from your post. 

I read that post and effectively version 16.3.8 is reported as "malicious" by that user and banned.

In fact it can't be installed in any way, since FireFox refuses it (or at least, that's my experience, I couldn't install it).

I have installed and using 16.2.9 version, too.



Thank you!

The link you provided for 16.2.9 worked and now it can detect the download module again.

I really needed it, as I was on a tight schedule.

I'm using FF 60.9.0 ESR and the link to the XPI version of FVD did the trick for me. I used the version in the folder marked Valid, not the Virus/Crashes folder. Yours or not, thanks for posting the link Guillherme88, everything's back to normal!

The convert module download link is broken and won't download the full file anymore.

All has been working fine (Latest FF 72.0.1, don't remember FVD Version I had). Then, yesterday I installed actual version from ff addon page and made the big mistake to remove the old version and then... fuck! With version 16.2.9 and 16.3.8 from here,

video will bedownloaded again (with 6.3.14 message install FVD Module 1.0.8 pops up) but the data from the tmp folder won't be merged together to the video file at the end.

FF60.9.0 ESR will work (like billwilson wrote). But it's annoying. I'll have to close actual FF and start the portable 60.9.0 ESR Version.

16.2.9 is also still working for me on FF Quantum 68.3.0esr (32-bit) if that's any help to anybody