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Select and scroll not working both firefox and chrome

Fernando Scussel 11 months ago in Nimbus Capture - FireFox • updated 6 months ago 13

I've tried both Firefox and Chrome latest and select and scroll not working... it's working about the same as the regular Selection... just select an area and show the options to save, cancel, etc... does not start scrolling... please fix urgently!!!

Under review


Can you send url of site with problem?

Every site is a problem... doesnt work on any website...

Do you have same problem on https://www.everhelper.me/ ? I can't repeat.

YES! it's acting the same as "Selected area"... both that and "Select and scroll" are doing exactly the same!!!!

Did you try to reinstall? Can we try https://www.teamviewer.com/en/ tomorrow?

Yes I did reinstall on both firefox and chrime... send me a message in whatsapp +55 54 981262111

how can we fix this??? its urgent... certainly there's a bug in the code in which select and scroll is working the same as 'select area'

I've sent you my whatsapp because to do teamviewer we need to be able to comunicate real time... I am waiting for you to call me on whatsapp

I don't WP. Can we try Skype?

4 months and this is still not working!!! When are you going to fix this???