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Concatenate notes when multiple notes are selected

thinker 12 months ago in Nimbus Note - Windows OS updated 12 months ago 2

I would like to propose a feature that when multiple notes are selected, the content pane will show concatenated content. This would represent the information really well particularly when the individual notes are small ( < 10 lines), and it puts the notes in the same perspective (scroll up & down to pan through).

Ideally, this would change the way how the editor work. Right now I think the note view is an editor which binds to a single note. So now the content pane is like a canvas which can hold multiple notes in it, and when a note is clicked (selected), then the editor takes over that note to enable editing functions like in the usual editor.

Under review


Do you want the content of the notes to appear directly in the list of notes?

Hi, it would be great if the note contents appear directly in the list of notes, but unfortunately list of notes is just a list with several lines of content, not full content of note is shown in the list.

I would like full content of selected notes can be shown consecutively in a scrolling manner.