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Can't get a password reset link after logging in with oauth (google)

AnnV 3 mánuður síðan • updated by nimbusweb 3 mánuður síðan 1

After reading some messages about my current note app, I decided to give Nimbus a try.

I logged in using a google account on my Android phone.  I rapidly decided to try the Windows version, to see how well Nimbus is performing when it comes to importing my current notes.  But it seemed to be impossible to log in with Google on the Windows app.
The help-section says to ask for a password reset, which I have done multiple times, but at this moment, several hours later, I haven't got that mail from nimbus.  (I did get a confirmation mail about my account dreation).

(Since I only had a handful of notes in that trial account, I have decided to created a new one - not with Oauth - and it seems that importing my old notes is going fine...)

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Did you check Spam folder?