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Nimbus buttons missing

Bart Degryse il y a 4 ans dans Nimbus Capture - FireFox • mis à jour il y a 4 ans 5
I just installed Nimbus in FF 28.0 and in Pale Moon 25.3.2. The result in both browsers is the same: it doesn't work.
- The Options button is missing in the Add-ons Manager
- The Nimbus button is missing in the browser. When clicking Customize it's not available to add to any bar.
I have already tried
- reinstalling Nimbus
- removing all other add-ons and reinstalling Nimbus
- reinstalling FF/PM without other add-ons and installing Nimbus
but the result is always the same.
Anything else I can try?

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Please try to update your Firefox to latest version. And we don't work with PaleMoon - it isn't our fault. They made some changes in work with addons.
I have just tried latest Firefox: same problem.
Pale Moon not supported: that's a pity. My other 58 addon's work like a charm on Pale Moon.

Strange, please tell me your OS.
W7 64bit with 32bit FF and 64bit PM
Don't bother. Since you don't support PM anyway I chose another addon. Too bad, I liked Nimbus when it worked.