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microphone detection problem

bolta 1 year ago in Nimbus Capture - Chrome • updated 1 year ago 8

this is image of  microfone 


i clicked on Nimbus---|>Record Video then selected Record mic sound,Record Tab Sound,show drawing button,then pressed on tab and then pressed on start record button.
but this extension gave me the following error.
Microphone/Camera Access
Nimbus needs access to you microphone or camera to record audio. Please grant access to start recording.

Nimbus failed to access to your microphone or camera. Please change the media setting in the location bar. Then close this tab and try again.

default windows 7 media troubleshooters didnt fix the problem.
what should be done  now.

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Can we try https://www.teamviewer.com/en/ for check problem?

does remote controlling a computer using teamviewer is the only solution.Isnt there other solutions.

It is best way for detect problem.

please indicate,how it is going to solve my problem.

1.First  person install teamviewer and run.problem lies on first person`s computer.

2. second person installs teamviewer and run..

3.second person takes control of the first person`s computer and troubleshoot and fix the problem.

Is this the procedure of solving the problem with teamviewer.

Only one person will connect to your PC. Everything will happen under your control.

and who will be that person.

does free edition of teamviewer do.once i installed it,should i tell helpers that i installed it and give some kind of code to them.