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Support for heading level in notes (instead of font size), automatic notes outline by heading levels

thinker 11 months ago in Nimbus Note - Windows OS • updated by nimbusweb 11 months ago 1

Hello, currently nimbus supports "text size" by # of pixels. Rarely this is necessary to to adjust font size by pixels. Usually people use Word software and change font sizes but this is a note platform, people want it quick to change a couple of font sizes. It is better to take advantage of web HTML tags <heading> to specify font size and narrow down by a couple of font size by heading levels. More Importantly, taking advantage of <heading> tag allows  you to automatically build note structures. Eg, take a look at clibu.com, they use heading tags (available from copy/paste content from other website) to generate note outlines. Very convenient and these outlines take you right where you want to look at, especially when you have a pretty long note.

Not many note software supports notes outline automatically, like onenote could have done it easily but they decided not to. It's a shame. For a software like onenote and theres huge overly powerful software, it's like Word without automatic table of content.

Please support this feature in Nimbus, in web client and PC sofware !

Under review

Yes, we have this feature in our to-do.