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Firefox Version: 70.0.1 (63 bit) with Speed Dial version: 72.1.5 has Operation Issues. Not Stable at ALL

Ponderosa 1 month ago in Nimbus Note / MAC updated by nimbusweb 1 week ago 5

Hi Nimbus Support,

I am experiencing issues with Firefox Version: 70.0.1 (63 bit) regarding operation Issues running Speed Dial extension Version: 72.1.5.  There is a good portion of my Speed Dials that are constantly in search mode.

No matter what I do, the Speed Dials DO NOT UPDATE and settle down.  I have tried numerous times to Edit them one at a time to see if they will update and they just remain in the Search mode (The spinning wheel inside the Speed Dial).  When attempting to change the Settings within the Edit screen, the MODIFY Button DOES NOT WORK.  It is highlighted, but does nothing when I select it.  The Cancel Button always works fine. 

There is another problem which disturbs me, when I try to assign an Icon from the available list of icons or just let it search the Web for its Website data, I am unable to press the MODIFY button as it does not react to my Enter key at all.  This leads me to another issue, and that is I am unable to change the AUTO UPDATE settings because the MODIFY Button DOES NOT WORK.  In other words I am unable to Modify anything and Enter it using the MODIFY Button.  The Cancel Button always works fine.

I guess I have over 100+ Speed Dials Searching and Spinning away.  I guarantee because of all the Speed Dial Searching activity it is using up extensive resources, because I am also having issues with keeping FireFox running in a stable mode of operation.  I have to shut it down and forget it until I have time to try again.

I am also having issues when bring up Firefox where the Speed Dial Screen may Load itself or May Not.  I Do Contribute this issue to the constant Searching of the Speed Dials that are attempting to load.  Be aware that I have many additional Speed Dials Over 1000+ that over the Past week since I switched to FireFox Have Loaded and are Just Fine.  There is nothing different about the SpeedDials that are NOT Loading and settling down.

I have turned off and on the Speed Dial Extension with no change in operation.  I have Also Deleted and Re-Added the Speed Dial extension with No Change in operation.

I try to access the Setup screen and that locks up as well from time to time.  Ultimately FireFox locks up and I have to force quit FireFox.    

I have MacBook Pro Running High Sierra version: 10.13.6.  All Apple updates are Current for High Sierra and Safari.

My MacBook has 4gigabytes of Main Memory and a 750 gigabyte Western Digital Hard Drive.  MacBook Pro Late 2011

Speed Dial version:  72.1.5 (Last Updated February 23, 2020) 

Firefox Version:  70.0.1 (63 bit)

Safari Version:  13.0.5 (13608.5.12)    


Please Advise,

Thank you,




scott barbieri 1 month ago in Nimbus Note / MAC updated by nimbusweb 1 month ago 1

Using nimbus note mac app and there is no spellcheck.  This makes the app useless for me.  Any plans to add one?


Delete Multiple Notes

RickMo 5 months ago in Nimbus Note / MAC updated by nimbusweb 5 months ago 1

1. In Nimbus Notes Mac, select a folder with notes in it

2. Click a note

3. Press CMD+A to select all notes

4. Click the ... button in the content area

5. Click Delete

Expected: All notes are deleted

Actual: No notes are deleted - notes must be deleted one at a time