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Settings: Selection of different folder for saved pics not possible

joe76 2 years ago in Nimbus Clipper - Android • updated by nimbusweb 2 years ago 1

Using Nimbus Clipper version 5.7 on Android marshmellow for marking pics with arrows and rectangles. In settings there is an option to select the default folder (for storage?). There is no other selection than "My Notes" possible. Edited pics are stored on internal sd-card under storage/emulated/0/Android/data/com.fvd.nimbus/cache/. Pics in this folder are not shown in the Android's gallery (ore in the by me favorized app Quickpic, even not after having set this folder to be shown in the Quickpic's browser). I always have to move the stored file with a file manager to an accessible location like folders DCIM or Pictures. Would be great, to be able (again) to have normal access to the stored pics. By enabling a selection of an output folder in the settings don't forget to enable a storage on an external sd-card via the root-selection-API of the external storage once. THX.


Can't accept text

Luke Shiras 4 years ago in Nimbus Clipper - Android • updated 4 years ago 6
I tried the app and after selecting the text option and entering some text in the popup text box, I can not save changes to the text.  The "a" button can toggle but the check symbol does nothing.  am I doing this wrong or is it a glitch with my Verizon LG G2?