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Pasted text removes spaces between words.

Roger Maxwell 13 hours ago updated by nimbusweb 12 hours ago 5
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I can't Paste the full document I copied which is rather short.

arielmail 5 days ago in Nimbus Website updated by nimbusweb yesterday at 12:58 a.m. 5

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Nimbus Button Missing After Automatic Update

Caroline Russell 6 years ago in Nimbus Capture - FireFox updated by imran shahzad 2 weeks ago 27
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Nimbus screencapture for Firefox not working

Jorge Barba 5 years ago in Nimbus Capture - FireFox updated by bestby 7 months ago 61
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xxxiNAIxxx 5 years ago in Nimbus Note - Windows OS updated by nimbusweb 1 year ago 6

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