after 100 percent download it does not save on local disk

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after 100 percent download it does not save on local disk


Leave us the link for the video you download.

Also tell what OS browser and extension version do you use.


I have the same issue. I cant leave you link because it is for paid streaming tutorials.


I have the same issue, after 100%, Saving progress, then nothing happen.


I have the same issue downloading the following videos:



100% download, 230MB and 169MB respectively, search entire hard drive for files modified in last 24 hours; nothing!

Stream Video Downloader 9.2.1 

Chronium Version 65.0.3325.181 (Official Build) Built on Ubuntu , running on LinuxMint 17.3 (32-bit)


Download would get stuck at 99% on this video streaming web site. This is one of video link I have tried: https://mello.me/video/61809
Windows 10 Pro 64-bit
Chrome Version 66.0.3359.181 64-bit
Stream Video Downloader 9.2.1 


i have same problem, its just wasting my time dude, 800mb then its finish nothing happen! where are the file?? dont make this hard boy, shame on you


Okay so I did some testing - I have saved the chrome extension installation file for Steam Video Downloader (Stream-Video-Downloader_v9.2.2.crx) and that is what I was using to add the extension to Chrome (by dragging the file onto the chrome extensions page - after "developer mode" button is enabled on extensions page). Installing the extension that way kept giving me the issue of video not saving after 100% downloaded.

BUT when I install the extension directly from the chrome extension store it works perfectly all the time, as soon as it goes to 100%, the video file instantly downloads to my laptop so there is something weird happening when it's not installed directly from the chrome extension store.

Then link that I use to install it from the chrome store is:




Everything runs fine, until saving. > Network error.

All videos in this particular mediathek are affected.




m001.mp4 Error - Network error
Downloaded from Stream Video Downloader

Windows 7 Pro 64-bit
Chrome Version 68.0.3440.106 (64-Bit)
Stream Video Downloader 9.2.3  installed from chrome store


We'll check this website and try to fix it in the next update.


I'm having the same problem. It does not offer to save anywhere. It is a paid website, so I cannot give a specific link. The extension detects the video and multiples qualities, I can click on download and then that is it. Clicking on copy doesnt do anything.

I have the same problem, too. It's saved after downloading in some pages, but it's not worked  in some pages.

Please, check the link


Same Issue please sovel the issue after complete 100% it not save in hard disc window 7 32bit  stream video downloder varsion 9.2.3 

Windows 10 1809 - Downloaded a 3.1GB video and when used with VLC, WMP and Movies & TV app, the video cannot be opened due to file corruption, unsupported format, etc...  It was downloaded as an .mp4


works fine now. pleasy try again.


This issue still present, I have noticed this 
First time installed I was able to download up to 8 files average 500MB Each, after that the save stopped working.

It still detects the videos fine, I can click download, and it starts processing the video, once it shows %100 then nothing happens, it never saves the file to local disk.

I reinstalled the extension and still not worked, I removed all files from temporal folder \AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Cache and still issue not fixed.

I reinstalled my google Chrome again, and reinstalled the extension I was able to download 1 more video and then it started again.

This is nothing to do with the video source it has to do with cache or storage issues, I also tried running as Admin and still the same issue. 


Still getting to 100% download, but only the "Cancel" and "Close Tab" buttons are present. Is there a button to force the download to happen? I've had the tab open for a while after the download hit 100% and nothing auto-downloaded.


Please, give us the links to your videos.

I have the same issue, but i found a solution.

When 100% push cancel, for some reason that works for me, then it saves the video...

If i dont push cancel at 100% i get "network error" when it want to final "download" to the browser...

I have the same problem too what could be done to avoid this 

the video is part of a module in BMJ learning website