file size limit/ partial download

anon1 1 year ago in FVD Downloader • updated by Gleb Khegay 1 year ago 1

I am using version 16.0.9 within Firefox running Ubuntu Linux.

2 issues:

1. Downloader only creates a complete file if the download totally completes.  Even if the download is 100% (GREEN) but stalls at that point (never going BLUE), what has been downloaded is not available.  For example, I have downloaded MP4 files with maybe 99.9MB of a 100MB file downloaded, and then it stalls..  I could care less if I miss the last 10 seconds of a video. Apparently, Downloader caches the download hidden until the BLUE complete, and then creates the finished file.  Downloader should make the cached file available if the download stalls, so that the end user can at least get a partial of it.

2. Downloader needs to state what its max download file is.  Recently, NBC streamed the Superbowl on their web site.  I used Downloader to record it.  About every 15 minutes I checked to see that the recording was still working.  It often terminated on its own when the file size got very large even though I had a lot of space left on my hard drive.  Downloader needs to provide information about the max file size or any other parameters that will limit, stall or fail a download session.

Please, tell us what Ubuntu vesion do you use?

Also send us link to the video you want to downlaod.

We'll chek it. There are some limitations in our software. We should check it.