Youtube FVD Download stopped working in Firefox Suddenly around 7PM PST when working all day 12/07/17

Concerned Fan 1 year ago in FVD Downloader • updated 1 year ago 1

This downloader has been a gem and perfectly downloaded my YT videos. there's an arrow button below the YT video panel and the download button in the Firefox app bar on the upper right hand both see YT and gave me choices. Then I ran CCleaner OR YT suddenly changed their settings. B/c out of nowhere the down arrow button below the Youtube screen disappeared and the download button in the Firefox app window said there's no video that it can find. It still works on fine on Dramafever.com.  I've tried uninstalling the app and then signing out of Firefox several times. I've even restarted my computer and still same problem.  I've even used your FVD module 1.0.8 to do repair and nothing.  The reason I can't tell if it's Youtube or CCleaner or your site that's the problem is that Youtube suddenly today put a block on several of their videos, but this one does not have a block, but still no download button. 

Strangely, the YT video in this page does activate your FVD arrow button and the downloads are available in this page, but not in it's original YT link anymore like it had been before tonight.