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new updated code has broken things. anyone know how to roll back to last version before the 25th ?

MikeMckittrick 2 years ago in FVD Downloader • updated by nimbusweb 2 years ago 10
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Can you post here URLs were it stopped working/

Thank you.

yep. i went back to the old version before the update. ill stick with that for now

this is just a random URL to a movie off a site i am trying to d/l from. see if anyone out there can get it to work. i've tried everything! http://putlockers.plus/watch/lx27kkGe-unlocked-2017.html

Looks like we found problem in new update. We will launch the update shortly.

just go back to the old one before the 25th. worked perfect. why did you even update at all? what needed changing? why do you not include these 2 things like most github/etc coders do----a CHANGELOG and AN OPTION TO UPDATE OR NOT

There was an error during the update

We already uploaded the new one. 

Version 28.5.1

Does it work for you?