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No sound recorded with mp4 video

Moosettner 2 years ago in FVD Downloader • updated by athar ahmed 1 month ago 106

Can download video but there is no audio

Same problem using (the latest) Chrome on Win 10 - downloads are completed but the videos have no sound, e.g. https://afineparent.com/ppc2017-ariadne-brill 

Same problem- no sound - I have been experimenting unsuccessfully for a couple of days. Please let us know when its fixed. Thanks

same problem, how can we fix it?

Yup, I can verify that. Just tried that URL and got video with no audio.

Same problem here, no sound...

Same problem... Any solution? 

Codec update and.. nothing.. :(


Same problem. I even lost audio to previously downloaded videos which were working just fine.


Me too!!!
I USE FIREFOX WEB BROWSER and a MACBOOK . . EVERYTHING WAS WORKING FINE AND SUDDENLY- not so good. FOR ONE:I had several videos set aside that ALL WORKED FINE. I'd watched a few, checked them ALL and audio / video worked normal. BUT THEN. . I downloaded 2 videos, with the FVD- SAME AS MANY TIMES BEFORE- and then once completed, just the SAME AS MANY TIMES BEFORE- I tried to watch, but the AUDIO WAS MISSING. . I was bummed and went to watch one of the other movies I had set aside, and ALL AUDIO was REMOVED FROM THEM AS WELL! ! ! . . Those files weren't even downloaded using FVD and there is NO REASON that the audio should be removed from my previous existing  files!!!..That's not right!!
What the hell? The ones set aside had nothing to do with FVD or anything,  yet AUDIO was REMOVED/ VANISHED and no longer played! !
I THOUGHT it may be a PLAYER ISSUE, so I tried a few others, nothing. Looked at the audio info and there was NO AUDIO attached at all anymore. Gone. Wiped out.. .really disappointed and now afraid to even try using again in case it wipes the audio from ALL my videos file I have stored.. ANY IDEAS what could of happened or how to correct this?


Same issue. Can the developer respond with a status?


I think If have found a temporarily solution. I think the problem is the google explorer which is updated many times.


1, download mozilla firefox brower

2, install the flash video downloader addin

3. go the website you want to download the video

4. use flash video downloader (then highlithed in blue)

5. your  can save your video now with sound( and video)

please let me know if this is working for you


Hi Archie,

See my previous posts!

So: no, this does not work for me! :-(

Yeah . This works perfectly fine. Use this method to fix it,

There was a sudden change in the add-on. After installing  the updates the videos are not getting downloaded.

very god!!!!!!!!!!!! 


yes it works like a charm! :D thank you

In the mozilla browser for me it did not work too I down the video but no audio.


Since we don't seem to be getting a response from the developer I continued to search for another method. I found a YouTube video explaining how to use developer tools to gain (copy) the video URL then paste it into a free online video downloaded called SaveVideo.me. It works like a charm once you get used to recognizing the code line for the video. Here's the link. 

This only works on sites that are supported by it.

Same issue here. no sound, no matter what i try 

Same issue here, odd thing is some videos download fine, and others from the same site don't. I can't give examples as the stuff I want is behind a paywall, but I have verified some of the liks given elsewhere in this thread don't have sound. Really annoying!


the problem is: nowadays the websites are using a track for the audio and a track for the video file, the video downloader only sees the video file, and not the audio track that is in a separate file, the trick is: to dowload the video file as usual but make a possibilite to download the audio track aswell, even if in a separete .mp3 file

+Leonardo Floriano , Sorry, not quite following, are you saying this is something we (the end users) can do, or something the developers need to fix? If the first, how do we do this?


There must be more to it, as I down loaded 4 at once, and once finished, I checked them all. I started each video, checked for subs and audio, and all was perfect. I was so happy!!
However the quality could use improving, so stupid me, DELETED THEM ALL and went to download them all AGAIN, but in a better format, and THAT'S WHEN THE AUDIO WAS REMOVED from ALL of them- EVEN ONES THAT WERE NOT DOWNLOADED WITH FVD, but happened to still be set aside on my desktop!!
What I am trying to point out / say is that the AUDIO Was WORKING the first time I downloaded them, but then when trying to download them each AGAIN, the audio would no longer be captured..SINCE I was able to download a perfect copy the first time, BUT THE SECOND TIME NOT- it shows it is / was CAPABLE of downloading WITH AUDIO- BUT what changed? in the matter of 10 minutes when I downloaded a second time? NOTHING changed on my end. It appears to be hit and miss. SOMETIMES I GET AUDIO and SOMETIMES I DONT- but I have to move all files working - to a folder somewhere else as to not a=have audio stripped from them as well... so weird!!

Same problem.  I'm getting video but no audio.  Have the developers seriously not fixed this at all yet?

It is still not working.... what can we do?

creo si funciona lo que habian dicho antes. usen mozilla como explorador web para descargar el video en vez de chrome


same issue on chrome. Installed it on Firefox and it works just fine.


I am having the same problem. I can download MP4 - the video playback is fine, but there is no audio.

It appears that this was first brought to your attention in March, and that it is currently "under review." For how much longer will this important problem be under review before it is rectified?

Thank you!

I had the same issue on Chrome.  I took the advice of Barak Bruerd above - installed it on Firefox and got the job done with audio.  Thanks, Barak....


I can confirm it is working on Firefox.

The same videos didn´t had audio on my Chrome 61.0.3163.100 

But on Firefox (43.0.1 - old version because I use a website which only works on this) the video is fine and with sound.

I can even fast forward it with any media player.

Thanks for the advice @Barak Bruerd


it was working well (with audio) on firefox, until today. Unfortunately, the video doesn't have an audio anymore.

I hope they can fix it. thanks.


Same here. Ever since the new Firefox update, I can only get the video, no audio. Very frustrating. Hope they fix it soon!


everyone I tryed firefox and it works! 

1, download mozilla firefox browser

2, install the flash video downloader addin

3. go the website you want to download the video

4. use flash video downloader (then highlithed in blue) + (when you click on video choice it will ask you to download the converter , download it and restart the browser)

5. your  can save your video now with sound( and video)

its downloads whole video but saving only few kb mostly. 

I just found this plugin today and install it in my Firefox 64bit latest version and also this FVD module. It downloaded the video OK but no sound :(

This was many small ts files that was merged to one.

Siggi, can you send me the link to the video?


Problem corrected!
With their new app: Stream Video Downloader


It works perfectly with Chrome, and no need to download extra parts like Firefox.

Na verdade, testei fazer em dois sites de diferentes cursos em um o áudio saiu no outro não.

Alguns vídeos podem ter algum bloqueio? Alguém sabe como eu posso resolver o problema? Para poder baixar esses vídeos com áudio?


Its the same for this extension. No audio.

Na verdade, testei fazer em dois sites de diferentes cursos em um o áudio saiu no outro não.

Alguns vídeos podem ter algum bloqueio? Alguém sabe como eu posso resolver o problema? Para poder baixar esses vídeos com áudio?

same issure, while some mp4 videos download perfectly, some just download the video and no audio

Can you give me links on these videos, where downloading w/o audio?

Its the same for this extension. No audio.

Dear users, please, leave us links to videos you try to download. We will be able to check everything properly only having URLs.

Some sites you just can't download sound from, no matter what downloader you use. It's the site not the downloader.

Downloads Video but NO SOUND. Have tried all troubleshooting from previous comment and downloaded newest version suggested by Denis Pak (didn't work). This is what I tried downloading: https://www.reddit.com/r/MMA/comments/7zch8b/luke_rockhold_teasing_his_debut_at_205_and_some/

Thank you for the support!


Ok. We will try to fix it in the next update.

Its working in Firefox. First download the extension flash video downloader to your firefox browser. After downloading click on the flash video downloader icon, there it will prompt you to download FVD Downloader Module. Download the set up of  FDV dowloader module and install it in your pcThen you will be able to download the video file with its audio also.

Thank You