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The download option doesn't work, I click on it but nothing happens

Noelia Vasconcellos Gonzalez 5 years ago • updated by John Jr 3 years ago 16
I hear you on that. I downloaded this extension some time ago, and it has never downloaded a thing for me. I'm getting rid of this piece of useless clutter.
The problem I can confirm. I suspect it has to do with the update to Chrome version 37.0.2062.102 m
reinstall the addon has not eliminated the problem. There is no download possible. Whether video, graphics or links.
This extension worked great for me until 2 days ago! I wish you would fix it!
Under review

We will fix problem very soon.

Thanks for the feedback and I am pleased to hear that the problem is investigated and resolved.
How long do you mean by "very soon"??? It's been 5 months since this post and the extension still doesn`t work at all. A real waste of time that only affects your reputation.
Ya hace varios dia no puedo descargar nada, al dar click en el boton para descargar no pasa nada
Uh, is this supposed to work just like Download them all that I used back when I still used Firefox?  Because as far as I can tell it does nothing.  No new options are added to anything I right click on.  Makes me wonder if anyone is actually working on this, seeing the treat started almost a year ago, and the last post "says not working" 2 months ago.
Dont know what you guys did but the download feature is no longer working....too bad...this was the easiest and most complete downloader I had tried but whats the point if it doesnt download?? Hmmmm

Hi, I been having a problem that involve your extension, I able to view the picture but I wasn't able to download, as it just state "Failed-Server problem", I try resinstall the google and the extension, but it didnt work! Is your side having the same problem? I Really need your help because it been a great helper to me. Thanks you
I never had many problems with this, but recently it won't even show a lot of video downloads, let alone download them! I'll wait a little longer and if no improvement i'll uninstal.

doesn't work when downloading multiple files as zip.

browser: chrome Version 46.0



1. I have been having this problem in the last few versions of Google Chrome 64-Bit and maybe Chromium 64-Bit in Incognito Mode and latest versions of GetThemAll on Windows 10 64-Bit and maybe Ubuntu 14.04 LTS 64-Bit.

You click Download but nothing happens, no GetThemAll or Google Chrome or Chromium automatic indication/alert/progress that your download is actually downloading, but if you manually go to view Downloads you will see that your download(s) are actually downloading usually; and so this seems to just be a bug where the extension and the browser no longer gives download indications/alerts/progress automatically like it should.

I am amazed that this was not noticed by the developers and fixed yet because it has been happening for a while, if you use and test your own product this should have been noticed and fixed during beta testing, and so it makes me wonder if the developers even use or test their extension on each new version and/or beta version of each browser and/or each new version and/or beta versions of future versions of each operating systems or not.

It is wise to use and test your own product (and/or get a group of volunteer beta testers) on the latest versions of each browser and operating system, and when possible the beta versions of future versions of each browser and operating system so that you can catch these problems early and fix them; and to make sure that you are properly following Google's rules and recommendations of proper coding of your extension to stay properly compatible/sable/et cetera based on Google's own recommendations and rules (https://developer.chrome.com/extensions/getstarted).

2. Another problem that I have noticed is that GetThemAll stopped working on some (not all, just some) of the websites that are often used in links to view/download videos on third-party video streaming links/embedded videos on Solarmovie.is and on a few other websites that I can not remember, I can not remember which websites/links do not work unfortunately, but they/you can test this themselves/yourself on various video links/embedded videos on Solarmovie.is to see which links/websites it can not download from anymore or that it never could download from.

3. The developers should also adjust their extension so that it can be removed from this list (https://discuss.howtogeek.com/t/warning-your-browser-extensions-are-spying-on-you/12394) and other lists that mark/list your extension as possible adware/grayware/possibly malicious/unethical/et cetera, they should also properly name and describe exactly what the "Display Vk.com Download Button" Setting is and what it does exactly and have it disabled on default (or remove it) because when this setting is enabled it sometimes randomly opens a tab in your browser without permission to a page at the Google Chrome Store that no longer exists (I assume this was meant to be a not properly explained forced way to advertise a certain extension, but that extension page no longer exists and the developers never bothered to fix this or remove this setting or properly explain what it is like they do not care or use their own product or test their own product; and this behavior/feature/setting is unacceptable in my opinion and the opinion of many others if you look around at the many complaints), and many other people and I are not happy about this and many people have/are/will continue to complain about this on the reviews/comments on the official page for your extension on each browser store that it is on and on other websites like HowToGeek.com and it makes your extension seem like malware or at least grayware/annoying/unethical/untrustworthy/et cetera which makes many people not want to use or trust your extension or company.

I would like to see the developers fix these problems and regain our trust because other than those problems/issues, it may not sound like it but I like your extension and I am grateful that it exists and I think that you did a pretty good job, and I want to see it and you succeed; but you need to fix these problems, you need to start making it easier to communicate with you without needing an account (make a contact page where anyone can contact you and/or use the official browser extension stores/websites support options so that people can report problems there and/or have a support email address and/or allow people to contact you on social media websites et cetera), you need to start testing and using your products on maybe the beta versions of future browser versions and operating systems and/or get volunteers to do this for you to find bugs early and fix them before the stable version of each browser and operating system is release to the public, and make sure that your extension is following Google's recommendations and rules to help it stay compatible and stable and to avoid malware-like/grayware/annoying/unexplained/et cetera features/settings/tactics/et cetera like the terrible malware-like "Display Vk.com Download Button Setting".

Thank you,

-John Jr