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Have not been able to download videos

허가영 6 years ago in FVD Downloader • updated by punisherza82 4 months ago 6

baykoreans.net or koreanatv.us was well used on tv.

But now the download is not working

This video has not been able to download only about 30 seconds. 

So if you see the video can not be downloaded

Download and drama and now can not view the movie?

cant get the darned thing to do shit! jus opens and emty (chrome thingy)

summer tuning up..love is lost...happy happy and a pancake without car batteries

This Add-on or Extrnsion for Opera does not work some how,i tried to download this Video  and it does not work = https://www.facebook.com/trucoscasa/videos/521648081630107/

any suggestions what to do, and how can i download it???