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Please give option of where to save downloaded files.

markymalarky 5 ár síðan í FVD Downloader • updated by nimbusweb 1 ár síðan 13

All files seem to automatically be saved in Downloads but I want to choose where to save to.


This question looks like it was asked 4 years ago, yet still no response. Is this forum being looked at by the developer?


Win10: open menu, Options, Downloads, click Save files to, Browse


I used to be able to choose where to save files, now it just saves to the default folder.


same here. just got home and discovered the option to choose is gone. maybe they messed up the update


I too have the same problem. Not being able to select where to save the download file.. This has all happened in this latest update to Version 16.0.2 in Firefox


Same here. There seems to be no drop-down anymore. Can't find a 'download files save to' or any such thing.


Used to be able to hover over the download button and it popped out a "save as" and could input file name and location.  This is ludicrous to remove, it should be default behavior.


set to "downloaded files save to:" and choose destination folder - ready :)


(firefox browser) main card... options -> files and applications, field download(ing), save files to: ... browse and set folder  (i'm not sure if the names are exact, I don't have a browesr in english)

Often its neccessary to rename the files - this cannot be done by choosing a destination folder.