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Why is the video fully downloading? Its downloading only 6sec video.

Chandu Maneesh 4 months ago in Stream Video Downloader • updated by Gleb Khegay 2 months ago 3

Thats the problem


Stream Video Downloader - Bloated Cache and Video Name Length

Karl 3 months ago in Stream Video Downloader • updated 3 months ago 5

I love the Stream Video Downloader add-on, very easy to use and works well. However, I have 2 issues with it. 

- Number 1 is if using google chrome, every single video I download with the add-on gets saved in chrome's cache, effectively doubling the size of any video e.g. 400mb is now 800mb. Even if you delete the video, you still have a copy of it in the cache until you empty it manually. So I have to either clear my entire browsers cache or try to manually find the folders inside chrome's cache folder that were used by the add-on to download files. Now I know the add-on probably needs to work this way in order to function, but I hope there can be an option added to auto-delete any videos from the cache after they've been fully downloaded & saved or just have a button that clears the cache of all downloaded videos/files above 50mb inside the add-on's menu. FVD Downloader never had any files saved into the cache.

- Number 2 is a much more simple issue - downloaded videos only go to a certain name length before it cuts off (Around 40 characters limited). So if I'm downloading an entire series of videos, I have to go back and rename any that were cut off, a bit of a nuisance. The names of videos are never cut off mid-word so it seems as though it was a design choice to limit them. FVD Downloader never had this issue either.



after 100 percent download it does not save on local disk

Ravikant 2 weeks ago in Stream Video Downloader • updated by Gleb Khegay 2 days ago 1

after 100 percent download it does not save on local disk


Downloads video but does not merge files together leaving me with a folder full of .ts files

olpdog 3 weeks ago in Stream Video Downloader 0

I love the software, but over the past few weeks the files are downloading but not merging into a single .mp4 file. I'm left with a temporary folder full of tiny .ts files and an audio file.


ozee strem video download then filed network error comes

Whenever I download stream video download it goes for download shows options and downloads but then last it comes failed network error


No downloads

 I can see video, but can't download it. Pressing bottom with no result


options do not show, clicking options takes to Chrome extensions web page

egister 1 month ago in Stream Video Downloader • updated by Gleb Khegay 1 month ago 1

so no way to adjust settings.