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Don Nhu Loi 4 lat temu 0

Picture is trimed, when I use paralax.

Admiral Capitan 4 lat temu w FVD Speed Dial - FireFox zaktualizowano 4 lat temu 0

I like parallax, but I don't like how picture is not fill.

W trakcie analizy

FVD Speed Dial - Chrome!

Валерий Андронов 4 lat temu w FVD Speed Dial - Chrome Ostatnio zmodyfikowane przez nimbusweb 4 lat temu 1
Привет! Очень нравится FVD Speed Dial - Chrome! Хотелось бы побольше тем или, чтобы была возможность грузить свои. С уважением.

recently closed pages

Gergely Abádi 5 lat temu 0
allow me to change opacity of recently closed pages independently from dials

730 5 lat temu 0

Search box - Custom search engines

Like Chrome's address bar with ability to select default that isn't set by dev.


Changing tabs with TAB, please.

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