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The Bookmark Folders were not sorted in order

Daniel 5 years ago in EverSync - Android 0
Eversync android has the same problem as Eversync web, I could not find a way to sort the bookmark folders by the order of the folder names.  It made me some difficulty in looking for a bookmark in a particular folder.

Android version - Google login?

Drake Johnson 5 years ago in EverSync - Android 0
Just downloaded the Android version of EverySync and it does not seem to let me use my Google login as I have done on my PC's.

Up arrow takes you back to root folders, not previous folder level

Stormykeith 1 year ago in EverSync - Android 0

When you press up arrow to go to previous folder level, most of the time it returns to the root (Unsorted/Menu/Toolbar). The same thing happens when you try to save a bookmark. 

This makes it very tedious when finding/saving bookmarks because you are constantly going through multiple folder levels to find/save, even though you may only want to go to the previous folder level.

Under review

Galaxy s7 syncs but fails to show any bookmarks or speed dials

Si Reasoning 3 years ago in EverSync - Android • updated by nimbusweb 3 years ago 20

I recently upgraded from a Galaxy S3 to a Galaxy S7 and the Galaxy S7 fails to show any speed dials or bookmarks after syncing and it worked fine in the Galaxy S3.

Under review

Проблемы с синхронизацией на android

Александр Килеев 4 years ago in EverSync - Android • updated by nimbusweb 4 years ago 12
Давно пользуюсь программой, недавно появились проблемы с синхронизацией. Из примерно 585 дилов на смарте отображаются всего около 5. Синхронизация компьютера с сервером проходит нормально.
Samsung Galaxy NOTE II, Android 4.4
Under review

Опасность! Eversync андроид...

Gen Il 4 years ago in EverSync - Android • updated by sapphire 4 years ago 2
Последнее обновление, при открытии приложения подключился к чужому !!!!аккаунту.После такого доверять закладки своего браузера ?

Mntrn Ichle 7 months ago in EverSync - Android 0

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Can't login to ever sync

Michael Haner 9 months ago in EverSync - Android 0

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