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موقع كل شي حلو موقع ترفيهي وعام اسأل أسئلة حلوة ونحن نجيب عليها بشكل أحلى لبى قلوبكم تشرفونا بزيارتكم لنا.


Server problem

Hi the downloader failed to download videos since yesterday. It says server problem and I've redownloaded the downloader for several time but it still doesn't work. Pls reply me ASAP thx!


Hello! :) I'd like to know how can I use the FVD downloader in Spotify, can you help me please? Does it work in that site?

Under review

Chrome, everhelper "Open All Links"

phil.schoen 2 weeks ago in - Web Client • updated by nimbusweb 2 weeks ago 1

Thinking about switching from Firefox to Chrome, but in everhelper "Open All Links" does not seem to work.


Allow the web client on Everhelper to sort bookmarks in alphabetical order?

hedera 1 year ago in - Web Client • updated by Gleb Khegay 1 year ago 1

I normally keep my bookmarks in alphabetical order.  With Eversync, I can only do that in the Android app.  Please make it possible in the main Everhelper web client.

Under review

пропадают картинки дилов

Михаил Парфенов 2 years ago in - Web Client • updated 2 years ago 2

Почему-то со временем пропадают дилы (картинки), видно только список. Не пойму кто чистит. В настройках при установленной теме по умолчанию нельзя отметить чобы под дилом был текст с названием дила.

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