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не сохраняются настройки

Помогите! было мое любимое приложение... не возможно синхронизировать закладки. процесс не прекращается (все время в процессе синхронизации). при переходе на закладку все дилы заново пытаются обновить превью. при запуске браузера вкладка с fvd опять с настройками по умолчанию при установке. UCBrowser для ПК. в google chrome все нормально. пока удалил

Need Google search!

Brian Tye 4 years ago in FVD Speed Dial - Chrome 0
Desperately want google search, not this terrible other search engine that no one has ever heard of. Ridiculous that this isn't an option. I've been using the extension now for about a week. I like everything else, but this one issue may very well lead to my uninstalling the extension.
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Не понял !? Куда исчезло Всё в Google chrome Все мой Дилы исчезли вместе с приложением Нет Слов Одни МАТЫ

AndreyPRODOBREY 4 years ago in FVD Speed Dial - Chrome / Uninstalled please tellus why • updated by Дима 3 years ago 23

Сегодня я обнаружил что в моём Браузере исчезло Ваше приложение

Speed Dial [FVD] - New Tab Page, Sync..Вместе со всеми дилами КОШМАР !!!

Dmitry Pan 3 years ago

Специально не трогаю,нашел папку с этим приложением. А в каком файле хранится информация о моих дилах? Может его сохранить и переустановить приложение а потом заменить этот файл?


Please allow display of URLs and titles with "Fancy" dials.

Show URLs under dialsShow icons and titles above dials
I was wondering why are the two 'Appearance' check boxes under 'Global Options' greyed-out when the 'Fancy' option under 'Style' is selected? If it is not feasible to dynamically render text labels in faux 3D perspective as discussed below in #2, here are some options that would make this HIGHLY RELEVANT OUTPUT available in the GUI to the user who digs your cool fancy dial effects!

1. Render the Titles and / or URLs so they appear as visually extra-contextual elements, so that they don't need to comply with the same environmental effects as the dials in order to satisfy the the viewers intuitive sense of reality. You could do this by a) floating them in a single, centralized, dedicated read-out panel, located near the search field (which has no 3D effects even in fancy dial mode), that would change onMouseOver to display the Title or target URL of the Dial being moused over... just like the status bar of the browser commonly does. Or you could do the most obvious thing and b) make the Title or URL appear superimposed over the dial itself onMouseOver, in a semi-transparent layer, appearing in normal parallel congruence with the viewing surface of the monitor, therefore absolving it of any 3D or perspective concerns.

2. Integrate dynamic 3D text rendering capabilities into the plugin, so that each Title / URL could be 'always-on' - displayed above or beneath it's corresponding dial, treated as a child, inheriting the appropriate perspective angle & drop shadow properties of it's parent dial. Depending on the qty of dials configured, these visual variables would naturally need change on-the-fly, as the user scrolled through the dials, to maintain the illusion of depth created by the curvature and drop shadow effects applied to the dials themselves.


the chrome version is so slooooooooow on start up

Robert P Outlook 6 years ago in FVD Speed Dial - Chrome • updated by Gleb Khegay 10 months ago 6

Although it got some very cool features compare to the Firefox version. However, it slows the browser startup and it has a bug when choosing a custom background image

Under review

To be able to share my speed dial with someone else would be great. As a teacher, I could set one up and share with my students.

Mr. Purdy 4 years ago in FVD Speed Dial - Chrome • updated by Hilary Reynolds 3 years ago 5
Most things these days can be shared between people on the web. Looked through the setup and found nothing. Wondered if it would be possible. It would be a great thing for teachers to be able to set up links and have students install them on their machine.

Please add bookmarks tab.

Mindaugas Križinauskas 6 years ago in FVD Speed Dial - Chrome • updated 5 years ago 2
Please add bookmarks tab, just like FVD already has Most Visited and Recently Closed tabs.
There should be also implemented option to select witch bookmark folders is displayed.

Please add the ability to change wallpaper background with automatically every X minutes!

whcqq 4 years ago in FVD Speed Dial - Chrome • updated by Frank D'Angelo 4 years ago 1
Please add the ability to change wallpaper background with automatically every X minutes!

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