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James Mitchell 3 years ago in Nimbus Capture - Chrome • updated by Jonathan Saipe 2 years ago 9
Many reviews complaining about "Save to Clipboard" which was one of the fastest and best ways to move screenshots.  This was the sole reason I use Nimbus as well.... best of the bunch!

But, recently the button was lost and I went back to Chrome Add Ons and found this statement:

** Google removed support of NAPI. We had to remove "copy to clipboard feature".

This is unfortunate.

Is there a way to downgrade Google Chrome or Nimbus to make it work again until a fix is made?
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Old version - nimbus.everhelper.me/screencapture_14.04.crx You neeed download this and drag&drop to extension menu.
PLEASE Bring feature back. I find myself again and again WISHING I could copy to clipboard. It is so important!

** Google removed support of NAPI. We had to remove "copy to clipboard feature".

Sorry guys but nothing can do with that. Waiting for new solutions.
I've noticed that if you click "edit" and then "finished" it has the same thumbnail and you can "copy to clipboard" with right click, but when you paste it it doesn't paste anything into most programs.  I'm confused by this.  Outlook and word just get a placeholder with no image, but if you paste it into Paint program it works.   I now have to copy, go to paint, paste, then cut that and then i can paste into an email.  A longer process i have to do multiple times a day.  Any fix would be great!
Once you've copied to clipboard, you can paste into programs like Word and PowerPoint by using the paste menu options not CTRL + V. Works for me....
this was the whole reason I started using Nimbus!  If it's gone I will uninstall. 
Dale, me too but it's not Nimbus, it's from Google Chrome update.  Google did it.  I think Nimbus is doing all they can to come up with a workaround.
James is right. We nothing can do with that. I believe that they come up with different API that we can use it. 

FVDMedia, I heard there was a new development that was in the works.  Is there any news on an update?