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rloyed 2 weeks ago • updated by nimbusweb 7 hours ago 12

i cant find any way to change the theme in the fvd speeddial?all i can find is the setting for white or dark theme,i changed my theme in firefox and now have to change it in fvd apparently too.im using firefox 53.03 64bit

and before anyone gets lost in my question,its the fvd speeddial that i cant change the theme in,i changed it in my firefox but have no way to change the fvd theme.

Under review


Did you try to change background in this tab - http://nimb.ws/1lB4Rh ?

yes and i have sent a link to my photos folder so you can see the screenshot,i have also replied to this 3 times and still dont see any of my replies,hopefully something is coming thru to you

e sent a link to my photos folder so you can see the screenshot,i - I don't see any photos. Can you resend?

i havent heard anything else,did i find something that cant be fixed or is there just not a reply.i sent the pictures to you in email and i have them stored on the file storage area too,and i shared my photos folder with you.so how do i change the theme?

i dont even see any of my replies about this and there are about 5 of them.

yes,i dont mind teamviewer,i didnt find this message because for some reason my email had marked it as spam and it was in another folder from where it was supposed to be.there is no setting like in your screenshot

Can we try TeamViewer today?

sure,im not doing anything right now,wont be doing nothing but relaxing..umm,i dont know when you will get but i will wait

how do ya want to get together to get this accomplished.or about what time and i will try to be near my pc about that time

Ok, please write when you will ready.