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Can download video but there is no audio

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Please post URLs to check.


Well, it turns out that you do the same to me, that is to say, when I download a video, the sound is not downloaded and this has been happening for several weeks,

What I do not understand is how this problem has not been solved, which, at least to me, is causing me to waste a lot of time.
Please gentlemen try to solve this problem common to many of us since what good is it to download a video but does it have sound?

Thank you very much

http://guitaristacademy.com/academy/lesson/closing-time-by-semi-sonic/  same problem here, only started happening last week, running windows 10 pro and latest version of chrome

seems to only be on some video's as on the next lesson the sound downloaded

So am I to understand that the same video, from the same website, on the same platform, worked the second time? And to your knowledge there wasnt anything different like an update, or use of Safari vs Chrome, etc? (Maybe I need to just give it another shot.)

I noticed that the videos downloaded by the VIMEO platform usually come without sound. Until the beginning of the year, these downloads were normal, but from a few months until now, the problem appeared. You can try any video from VIMEO, but it's always dowloaded without audio.

Like this random video: 

What can i do for now?


Thank you. We will check it.


I have the same problem...


the problem still exists . have you tryed to fix it . I'm waiting for you to fix it


All the videos I download, have no sound! Why?


? some trouble in SOFT or in the local video web.. ?


So I noticed this problem only started after I did the latest MAC IOS update at the end of March... before then the sound was fine, but my videos after that all have the sound missing. Maybe you will find this information helpful to solving the problem.

I use Windows 8.1 and both Firefox and Chrome...


I have the same problem. I download but there is no sound.

How do I solve it?

Links above are not accessible.

correct for the first one, second one is still active!

Have the same issue, donwload completed but no sound, also the navigation buttons when playing the video do not work (Chrome , Windows 10)

If possible, fix this audio error and send me a message.


Same problem with MAC, Chrome

I have the same problem with some of the videos but not all... I do not know if it related with how the owner set up the video.


To download video on facebook is ok. More for sites not low.

Same problem today. Waste of time if the video has no sound.

Same problem today. Waste of time if the video has no sound.

Same problem using (the latest) Chrome on Win 10 - downloads are completed but the videos have no sound, e.g. https://afineparent.com/ppc2017-ariadne-brill 

Same problem- no sound - I have been experimenting unsuccessfully for a couple of days. Please let us know when its fixed. Thanks

same problem, how can we fix it?

Yup, I can verify that. Just tried that URL and got video with no audio.

Same problem here, no sound...

Same problem... Any solution? 

Codec update and.. nothing.. :(

Same problem. I even lost audio to previously downloaded videos which were working just fine.

Same issue. Can the developer respond with a status?

I think If have found a temporarily solution. I think the problem is the google explorer which is updated many times.


1, download mozilla firefox brower

2, install the flash video downloader addin

3. go the website you want to download the video

4. use flash video downloader (then highlithed in blue)

5. your  can save your video now with sound( and video)

please let me know if this is working for you


Hi Archie,

See my previous posts!

So: no, this does not work for me! :-(


Since we don't seem to be getting a response from the developer I continued to search for another method. I found a YouTube video explaining how to use developer tools to gain (copy) the video URL then paste it into a free online video downloaded called SaveVideo.me. It works like a charm once you get used to recognizing the code line for the video. Here's the link. 

Same issue here. no sound, no matter what i try 

Same issue here, odd thing is some videos download fine, and others from the same site don't. I can't give examples as the stuff I want is behind a paywall, but I have verified some of the liks given elsewhere in this thread don't have sound. Really annoying!

the problem is: nowadays the websites are using a track for the audio and a track for the video file, the video downloader only sees the video file, and not the audio track that is in a separate file, the trick is: to dowload the video file as usual but make a possibilite to download the audio track aswell, even if in a separete .mp3 file

+Leonardo Floriano , Sorry, not quite following, are you saying this is something we (the end users) can do, or something the developers need to fix? If the first, how do we do this?

Same problem.  I'm getting video but no audio.  Have the developers seriously not fixed this at all yet?