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Hi,my name is bright kpoha from Togo but am now in Ghana.
Am an artist designer
Facebook:bright kpoha
Richard Gutierrez 4 years ago 0
any chance your software will be compatible with soundcloud or bandcamp pages?
Oleg Mart 3 years ago in VinesCompilation.com 0
Нет русского языка!
Nilrem 2 years ago • updated by Dennis N 5 months ago 3
This change started on or about July 15, 2015, after I had experienced MANY browser crashes while viewing videos. I have had issues with the utility since ver 9.x I had NO issues prior to that.

I have been 'power user' of personal computers since 1993 when a 286 processor and Win ver 3.11 were the norm. After many years of being a goto repair Tech for myself and close friends, FLASH has afforded me many KUDOS because it was a PIA many times. I wondered how long it would be before someone would finally fix it, or MODIFY IT, so that an end-user ie : myself and those who are viewing this could select whet,her or not it was needed. Mine desktop browsing has behaved that way for about 24 days and counting. I use Mozilla FIREFOX exclusively. I have used : CHROME, SAFARI, OPERA, NetScape Navigator. COMODO DRAGON, and IMHO the frustration began after NetScape and Win 95.

I am alone in this blissful state of browsing - y/n?
Taylor Miller 4 years ago in VinesCompilation.com • updated by nimbusweb 4 years ago 1
THeres no video or sound
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