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Victor Brodt 3 years ago in Nimbus Note / Windows 0
Noon 3 years ago in Nimbus Note / Windows • updated by simons 3 years ago 1
It's so similar to Ever Note which I'm currently using and have all my things in it. I thought Nimbus was more simple that is why I downloaded it in the first place, something similar to WordPad but more like a note book without needing to sign up. It's a good program though but not what I needed. Maybe if you add a no sign in option to use it then after using it and feeling more comfortable and realize that I added things that I don't want to lose, then I'll be more willing to sign up to save my things and be a permanent user.
RAJ PATIL 3 years ago in Nimbus Note / Windows 0
Under review
Dr Nobody 3 years ago in Nimbus Note / Windows • updated by nimbusweb 3 years ago 1
*NO*  flat or metro/"modern" design, people who suggest this aren't people who care about design obviously. NO horrible bright -especially white- interface! Most people who spend a lot of time on a computer can't look at bright windows all day long. It's straining to the eyes, it's ugly & awful to deal with. So please make it darker, at the very least similar to the way Spotify did their app, unless you give us the option to edit style maybe with css at the very least, by just giving us the acceess to the current app style sheet. Or maybe develop it like actual software, one that complies with my own settings in Windows. Until then, I wont bother using it. This could be a really awesome tool, but I simply can't use it with the current interface. All of my suggestions are good ones, and I should include that you could at the very least just make another style sheet for it & give us the option to choose that as a theme for it to be darker for those of us who aren't ridiculous. :( This goes for all versions, but at least currently I can use my own style sheet for the web version when I use Firefox with Stylish. There's no way on the mobile app or desktop app to do this. I beg you....don't be like everyone else.
Under review
Stanislav Sergeev 3 years ago in Nimbus Note / Windows • updated by Bernard Zimmermann 2 years ago 5
Doesn't work on W8

UI and usability of Windows app as very low (