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ltdeta 3 years ago in Bookmarks Checker • updated by Andrey Lissovsky 2 years ago 1
- make column width resizeable 
- new column "location" for the path into the bookmark menu
- make columns sortable
- possibility editing current selected bookmark
Shannon Yoder 2 years ago in Bookmarks Checker • updated by Boris de Laage 1 year ago 1
I would like if it would indicate where each bookmark is located in the bookmark menu and its sub-menus, especially when checking for duplicates (such as "Bookmarks/Example Folder 1/Example Folder 2/bookmark"). Which duplicate I would choose to delete would depend on where each bookmark is located in my folders (I could keep the one located in the most appropriate location and delete the other). Thanks!
discard 4 years ago in Bookmarks Checker 0
Same here, I've used all logical options (for duplicates); hit start and nothing seems to happen after several hours (4 actually)?
Woody 1 year ago in Bookmarks Checker • updated by Phil57 1 year ago 1

Since the last one or two FF upgrades (now running 43.0.1) the Bookmarks Checker icon no longer appears on my toolbar (or anywhere that I can find). I have gone through all the possibilities that I know of (view-->toolbars-->Customize, disabling other add-ons, etc.). I also reinstalled the add-on to no avail. I also did the same with FF Developer Edition - same loss of icon.

Scott 1 year ago in Bookmarks Checker 0

It used to work great. Just ran it on my laptop running Kubuntu 14.04. It got to about 56%. It's thrashing the HDD but I can't do anything because the whole system is locked up. I went to a TTY command prompt and couldn't log in because bookmarks checker is apparently hogging all resources.

zgwyyxqm 11 months ago in Bookmarks Checker • updated by Scott Sanders 11 months ago 1

Why was it removed from the addons website?


I had a very messy bookmarks, having imported from several browsers and collected bookmarks over bookmarks. After to have cleaned duplicate bookmarks and removed empty folders, it may happens to have several folders with the same name having some bookmarks inside and would be good to put all those bookmarks into a single unique folder with that name. Could you please add a feature that consolidate bookmarks coming from folders with same name into a single unique folder? Thanks

Wilson Nantes 2 years ago in Bookmarks Checker 0
How about add an option to Load ( or re-load ) favicons during the check of bookmarks ?¿