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James Mitchell 3 years ago in Nimbus Capture - Chrome • updated by Franz47 1 week ago 15
Many reviews complaining about "Save to Clipboard" which was one of the fastest and best ways to move screenshots.  This was the sole reason I use Nimbus as well.... best of the bunch!

But, recently the button was lost and I went back to Chrome Add Ons and found this statement:

** Google removed support of NAPI. We had to remove "copy to clipboard feature".

This is unfortunate.

Is there a way to downgrade Google Chrome or Nimbus to make it work again until a fix is made?

It is better that the previous version - when capture didn't work at Retina at all - however it captures 100% resolution - not 200% and it should. I really need crisp sreenshots

Lindsey Marshall 4 years ago in Nimbus Capture - Chrome • updated by messi 4 years ago 2
I use this on my computer at work with no problem but on my home computer I cannot figure out how to make the Nimbus button appear
I am trying to capture an area of the screen and paste the image into an email.
This is not working for me.

I select my area and click the Copy to Clipboard button but when I attempt to paste into an email there is nothing on the clipboard to paste

Robert Norris Hills 4 years ago in Nimbus Capture - Chrome • updated by Robert Hills 4 years ago 2

Love the app. The only thing is it might be faster to launch from the shortcut keys. Takes a while to fire up.

Truly one of the better extensions I've used tho overall. Don't take this as a bad thing, just an honest review. Love your work. 

I never use the text feature, because the drop shadow, in most cases, makes the text very difficult to read. Also, it would be nice to have more control over the font characteristics.

These flaws make annotating your screen caps very difficult.
Martin Ische 4 years ago in Nimbus Capture - Chrome • updated by Angel Buchanan 4 years ago 1

The way over the editor is really too long, because you have to wait until the editor is open (and it takes 6-10 s).

And i need very often screenshots for pasting into an another program.

And i don't want to change: Nimbus is the best screen capture tool i ever used.

Good, but would be nice to be able to name local save copies within the app.  I have to save the file, then go into the folder and manually name the thing... not too bad, but an extra step.
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ArtComp 3 years ago in Nimbus Capture - Chrome • updated by nimbusweb 3 years ago 1
I wrote a review of this product on Youtube for my customers. Now that I have tried it on Chrome and noticed that it does not have the "Copy to Clipboard" function (the best feature). It is really costing me productive time and my recommendation.