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Alex Wagner 3 years ago in GetThemAll Downloader • updated by Proven Apps 11 months ago 1
it would be really awesome if you could set the downloader to automatically download the video. for example if you clicked on the link of the video itself (the one that shows up in the download window) it would auto download.
this way if someone had a bunch of the video links saved, they could open up the links and the download would start immediately.
maybe i am the only person who would like this but please consider it.
Ivan bobblehea 3 years ago in Quick Map 0
you've managed to annoy ALL your customers... what do you think??!!
i think you probably figured out how disgusting an idea it was... read everyone else's .!!
Grazee Taylan 4 years ago in FVD Downloader • updated by Mega Top 4 years ago 3
Yosri Tsouli 3 years ago in Quick Map • updated by dek_dek545 2 years ago 2
markymalarky 4 years ago in FVD Downloader 0

All files seem to automatically be saved in Downloads but I want to choose where to save to.

Under review
Настя Полищук 4 years ago in Hey! Pets • updated by nimbusweb 2 years ago 7