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Enes Şaki 3 years ago in YouTube Smart Pause 0
Pause button extension is cool service but it might be better.
Chrissy Loesel 3 years ago in FVD Downloader 0
i dont know how to download videos off of youtube
cw2k 4 years ago in FVD Downloader 0

No Youtube Video with FVD Downloader in chrome ??!

Look what I've found: :D
c:\Users\ME\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\default\Extensions\lfmhcpmkbdkbgbmkjoiopeeegenkdikp\5.5.8_0\js\background\namespace.js

var fvdSingleDownloader = {
	noYoutube: true,
	noLink:    true,
	noImage:   true,
	noFile:    true,
	noGame:    false,
	noWelcome: false
So I feel free to modify this file. And yesss it is true. :D ... I mean that if noYoutube: false it'll work again :D