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Noor E Imran Ali 3 years ago in FVD Downloader 0
William Brown 3 years ago in Quick Map 0
Michał Gacek 3 years ago in Session Box 0
The only thing i'm missing is the ability to create desktop shortcuts to saved sessions so I could open up desired session directly from shortcut, otherwise great extension anyway!
Under review
Tekeek 3 years ago in Bookmarks Checker • updated by nimbusweb 3 years ago 4
Bookmarks Checker is reporting inaccurate results. Bookmark Checker reports 13169
I counted 13204 bookmarks
How it was determined:
1st I exported my bookmarks to html. Then I counted each HREF then I used notepad++ to find HREF which gave me the same number count of 13204
King Jay 3 years ago in YouTube Smart Pause 0
I dunno why but this addon didn't seem to work for me. Either way, my suggestion would be to add options for stopping autoplay when opening a youtube tab but not going to that tab (there is another chrome addon that used to do this but doesn't work well anymore). Then also add an option that the user can unpause the video on return to the tab manually instead of it being automatic, if they so choose.
Ajay Kumar 3 years ago in Quick Map 0