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Window does not size correctly

Harvey Summers 3 years ago 0

Changing the view size ("+"/"-") does not change drop down window size. Workaround is to tab until I get to the button.


Rescan page option

Casper E 3 years ago in FVD Downloader 0
Sometimes, there is an ad playing before the actual content. The ad will be available for download, but the actual content you were after won't. I'd suggest to add a button which rescans the page for media (so you can click this when the ad has finished). Can this be done? This would be awesome!

Not working on the most Video Hosters like nowvideo.sx or promptfile. Please fix

Andreas Voigt 2 years ago 0

Since a couple of days the most video hosters on my favorite site stoped working with GTA

I guess its a Adobe Flash Player problem



Максим Соколов 3 years ago 0
Кул,загрузил свой арт=) пока не жалуюсь,хз чем народ не доволен,я рад


jhimy 3 years ago in FVD Downloader 0


Kolyan Demidenko 4 years ago in Hey! Pets 0
Ребят зачем вы плачете ??? вы сначала прочитайте какие браузеры приложение поддерживает ... а то пишете бред разный .. 


Dima Tambovskiy 4 years ago 0
Можно сделать чтобы оно разговаривало а то оно только шевелиться ну дракон огнем пылал.

Get that lousy orange rate me box off my page so I can access what's under it!

Funking Dave 3 years ago 0
It wants me to rate your plugin, I did 3 times!
The box to close it wont work and the do not show again doesn't either!