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Jim Scott 4 years ago in Session Box 0
This is Chrome shown below. The 67 bookmarks on the left came from Firefox. I want to merge my Firefox and Chrome bookmarks but the sync is not happening on Chrome, instead the little progress indicator (labeled "In Your Browser" in the left column below) just keeps moving and nothing happens.

dota douch 2 years ago in Session Box 0
i am using session box for about a month and it was saving the sessions earlier but now when i wanted to retrieve the saved one , there are no saved session. and also please make the How many show saved sessions,How many show previous sessions from 30 to atleast 100 session , appreciate your work ty.
RGX 2 years ago in Session Box • updated by AidanPryde87 2 years ago 3
It looks like you guys finally got sync working with Chrome for Sessionbox--congratulations and thank you! However, my saved sessions are a mess--completely out of order. In Firefox the session names are sorted alphabetically (or rather numerically, since the titles are actually dates), but in Chrome browser they are jumbled, and I see no "sort" button. Do you intend to fix this? Thank you, and keep up the good work.
Joseph Sanzo III 4 years ago in Session Box 0
We should be able to email you too not just call on phone & then talk to a machine, Put human's back to work period.
Arunkumar p 4 years ago in Session Box • updated by nimbusweb 4 years ago 1

How to remove the remove the search refinements

Michał Gacek 3 years ago in Session Box 0
The only thing i'm missing is the ability to create desktop shortcuts to saved sessions so I could open up desired session directly from shortcut, otherwise great extension anyway!